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BROTHER'S SHADOW   100 min.   Drama/Family   www.brothersshadow.com

Writer/Producer/Director: Todd Yellin

Cast: Judd Hirsch (Ordinary People, Taxi, Numb3rs), Scott Cohen (Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Law and Order: Trial by Jury), Susan Floyd

Shunned by his family, parolee Jake Groden (Scott Cohen) is forced to return to Brooklyn after fourteen years in exile. Tragic news greets the ex-con-- his twin brother has died leaving a grieving wife and troubled son. Jake's father (Judd Hirsch) welcomes his long lost son with disdain, sickened that the wrong one died. Groden Custom, once a thriving furniture business and the cornerstone of the family legacy, is now about to shut down.

The beautiful widow (Susan Floyd), comforted by Jake's familiar appearance, allows the ex-con to try and save the shop. Vulnerable, she struggles with her feelings for her deceased husband's twin. Jake's teenaged nephew Adam (Elliot Korte) is fascinated with the discovery of the mysterious look-alike uncle, a man he never knew existed.

Jake, a brilliant craftsman with a radical sense of design throws himself into reviving the family business. But his designs prove too eccentric for his brother's clientele. To secure an enormous order he is forced into the unthinkable; he adopts his brother's identity. Life as his brother becomes hauntingly comfortable for Jake. Adam, disgusted by the masquerade, can't control his fury. The destruction that ensues is a disturbing echo of what happened long ago.


Jake Groden (Scott Cohen) may have spent 14 years in prison and may be an alcoholic with a hot temper who is alienated from his family, but when he applies a tool to wood, we forgive him his sins. Cohen is first-rate, as is (Judd) Hirsch, whose character is a convincing ex-drinker who has rediscovered his Jewish roots and wants to take everyone else along on the tour.

(Susan) Floyd, who has perhaps the most difficult role as Emily, does a splendid job, as does Ruben Santiago-Hudson, as Jake's parole officer whose efforts to balance compassion and tough love contribute to Jake's recovery as well as his troubles."
John Anderson, VARIETY

"A movie not to be missed..."
The Boston Herald

"An enjoyable film about family matters... each member of the cast owns his role, and the story seems real."
The Miami Herald

“… a thoughtful tale of a prodigal son (Scott Cohen) returning home to work in his family's furniture business after his twin brother's death. Todd Yellin's film (his feature debut) lovingly portrays the floating sawdust and glossy burnishes…"
The Seattle Times

“The drama of redemption and forgiveness follows features a strong performance from Scott Cohen and a denouement that rings authentic.”
The Seattle Post Intelligencer


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