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95 min.

Produced by: Julie Bounds   Written and Directed by: Stephen Durham

Cast: Grace Johnston, Jason Padgett, Douglas Tait, Tracy Kay Wolfe

In the sticks of Kentucky, a demented family of inbreds begin the process of cleaning up their blood line. Their twisted family is led by Billy Bob Hackford, who in his madness abducts unsuspecting young women. As a sadistic sport, the clan forces the girls to fight, gladiator style to the death, to determine the strongest. Billy Bob then rapes the victor in hopes of a pregnancy and expanding the Hackford family.

The Hackford’s plan changes when they abduct Amber Strickland, a southern tom boy whose family ties run as deep as her abductors. She’s not a victim or prey, but a huntress raised in the backwoods of Alabama. Her brothers, Bear and Brody track her down and a feud of country folks erupt into a massacre, with only the strongest to survive.



Bloodlines is awesome, but not necessarily something I'd want to watch over and over again, because it's also very nasty. From the film's outset, we learn quickly that the Hackford boys are not to be messed with, and they're going to eventually get what they want. What they want, of course, is to continue their name for future generations to come, and what better way to do this than to kidnap ladies and have them literally fight to see who will survive?

If that alone had been the plot to this film, that would have been enough for me. However, when Amber gets kidnapped and proves to be tougher than the boys thought, I think the film went from good to freakin' great. Director Steven Durham has really painted a claustrophobic, tense situation that is reminiscent of Deliverance-meets-Saw, and never lets up from start to finish.

Strap in and enjoy the ride. Grace Johnston's Amber Strickland is fantastically acted, and this flick is gory as all hell. I'd definitely recommend a stop-over.

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