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Producer/Director: Christopher P. Garetano

Cast as themselves: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Sid Haig, Joe Bob Briggs, Lloyd Kaufman, Mark Borchardt, Ron Atkins, John Bloom, John Brodie

Have you ever wondered what makes guerrilla filmmakers tick? What is the invisible force that drives each and every one of them to sacrifice their normal lives to pursue a position in one of the most competitive arts in the world?

Welcome to the outrageous world of independent horror moviemaking. HORROR BUSINESS is a wild, unique and sometimes hilarious document of what happens when five directors with enormous dreams and very little money attempt to make their own horror film.

HORROR BUSINESS is a nostalgic trip into the thriving, popcorn induced culture that was born out of late night double features and midnight monster movies. It follows its subjects through their struggles, frustrations and triumphs. HORROR BUSINESS also features interviews with the most prolific independent horror icons alive, including Herschell Gordon Lewis, Sid Haig, Joe Bob Briggs and Lloyd Kaufman.


“Horror Business” is an entertaining and engaging look into the world of low-budget horror films and the men (and women) behind them. It expresses an unflinching love for movies such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “The Last House on the Left,” and laments the state of modern day horror movies. An extremely competent, thoroughly engaging film about horror movies and those who love them."
-Daulton Dickey, Film Threat

"Horror Business is a flat out fantastic little documentary. It's mandatory viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in the passion that goes behind getting a horror film made."
-Rob G., Iconsoffright.com

"This disjointed look at the world of underground filmmaking may perfectly reflect the current status of our genre. All horror fans should check out this cool little doco."

"[Horror Business] is an extremely competent, thoroughly engaging film about horror movies and those who love them. It is as inspiring a movie as 'American Movie'"
-Daulton Dickey, FilmThreat.com

"Sharply edited, 'Horror Business' emerges as a perceptive and revealing documentary about the enormous struggles to make creepy celluloid"
-Tony Timpone, Fangoria Magazine

"As soon as I heard the first line out of Mark Borchardt’s mouth, I knew I was in for a rare treat… and being a horror film aficionado myself, that treat only got better as the film’s various filmmaker accounts unfolded"
-Bruno Derlin, VisionFest 05

"It's a definite must for all you out there that want to know what it means to be a horror filmmaker"
-Ammon Gilbert, Arrowinthehead.com

"Horror Business is a frank and revealing glimpse of what the scene is like today"
-Lee Bailes, Rumourmachine.com

FESTIVALS- Winner- Long Island Film Festival "Best Documentary- Audience Choice Award"

Official Selection- New York Horror Film Festival 2005

Official Selection- Chicago Horror Film Festival 2005

Official Selection- Eerie Horror Film Festival 2005

Official Selection- Visionfest 2005

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