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Writer/Director: Henry Jaglom

Cast: Rob Morrow, Lee Grant, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Grant, Juliet Landau, Victoria Foyt

Holly G. (Victoria Foyt) is a successful clothing designer with her own boutique who, in the course of a tumultuous Mother's Day weekend, is confronted with deceit, elation, desperation, kleptomania, rebellion, addiction and passion while under pressure to pull off the biggest sale of the year. Henry Jaglom's new movie looks at the unique role that clothing and shopping plays in the lives of women. A sister film to his earlier "EATING," it co-stars Lee Grant, Rob Morrow, Bruce Davison, Mae Whitman and Jennifer Grant.


“Enticing! Comes as close as any film to explaining what the deal is with women and shopping!”
Kyle Smith, New York Post

“Sharp and funny!”
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Funny and rueful!”
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times,

“Going Shopping is an original and remarkable film- a wonderful outing for girlfriends and the men out there who love to shop!”
Marta Barber, Miami Herald

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