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SOFT FOR DIGGING   www.softfordigging.com   90 min. Thriller

Writer/Producer/Director: JT Petty

Cast: Edmond Mercier, Sarah Ingerson, Andrew Hewitt

One morning, an old man wanders out into the woods in search of his runaway cat. He finds instead a child with no parents and a murder with no corpse.

JT Petty’s debut feature makes remarkable use of cool photography, creative sound design, lonesome locations and an intense score to tell a tale of haunting mystery. Cold in the best sense, "Soft for Digging" manages to create moments of great tension and terror using only three lines of dialogue in the entire film.


'. . .it may be the best use of $6000 since "El Mariachi." '. . .compelling is the freedom and skill Petty shows in rearranging genre syntax. He picks up familiar horror elements and remolds them like so much Play-doh.'
-Scott Foundas, VARIETY

'. . .Like the 1999 sleeper that became a national phenomenon, "Soft for Digging" breaks new ground in cinematic technique and is very, very scary.

'. . .though "Soft for Digging" is more visually sophisticated, subtler, and closer in tone to the Coen brothers' first movie, "Blood Simple" than "Blair Witch."
-Lou Lumenick, NY POST

'. . .this film simmers its way to a frothing boil of a climax that finishes off with a jaw-dropping conclusion. 'With a strong visual style and a knack for telling a story without the need for words, JT Petty weaves an intricate tale and maintains strond mood shifts. . . and then he smacks us out of left field with concepts we would never expect from this kind of film.'

'Leading the ensemble is Mercier, who gives a remarkably eloquent and unsettling turn as the silent old man.'

'A blackly comic, bracingly experimental no-budget horror film. . . 'Petty works wonders on a reported budget of $6,000: eschewing the horror genre's usual excesses. . . there are many possible readings of this elliptical, tantalisingly ambiguous miniature: an impressive calling-card from an audacious, innovative film-maker.'

'It wouldn't be too far-fetched to suggest that his "Soft for Digging" is the most promising American horror debut since, well, "The Evil Dead."
-Chris Wieganc, WWW.BOXOFF.COM


Sundance Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival *Award for Distinctive Vision*
Melbourne International Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema
Munich Film Festival
Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
MOSTRA Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Stockholm International Film Festival
San Francisco Independent Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival
Idaho International Film Festival
Calgary Horror Film Festival
Nevermore Film Festival
Cynenigma Luxembourg
Independent Film Festival of Boston *Jury Prize, Narrative Feature*
Transylvania Film Festival
Incredible Film Festival of New Zealand
CinaMuerte V
PiFan Korean Film Festival
New Horizons Film Festival of Poland
Haifa Israeli Film Festival
Madstone Films' "FILM FORWARD" Series


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