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STANLEY'S GIG 93 min. Drama/Comedy

Writers: Mark Lazard & Gadi Dechter

Producers: Justin Hogan & Todd TrainaCarlos Gil Ferrer

Director: Mark LazardCarlos Gill Ferrer

Cast: Faye Dunaway, William Sanderson, Marla Gibbs, Steven Tabolowsky

When a down-on-his-luck Ukelele player befriends a forgotten jazz chanteuse, the power of music helps them turn their dream into reality.

Inspired by real life characters and set in the little-seen back streets of Los Angeles, Stanley’s Gig could be called a coming of middle-age story. The film’s focus is Stanley Myer, a lonely, recovering alcoholic whose dream is to play his Ukelele on a Hawaiian cruise line. Until he can figure out a way to make his dream come true, Stanley takes a part-time job playing music for the aging residents of Kingsley Manor retirement home. Most of the golden agers are delighted by Stanley’s cheery Ukelele tunes, but silent Eleanor Whitney persistently resists the music’s charms, turning her wheelchair’s back to Stanley every time he approaches her. When the retirement home’s director explains to Stanley that Eleanor was once a well-known jazz singer, Stanley becomes determined to connect with her. These two different people gingerly form a friendship and their narrow worlds broaden in ways neither of them could have imagined. Stanley’s Gig is a charming and moving film about the importance of relationships, the power of music and the hope our dreams give us.

Mark Lazard co-founded the Below the Belt Theatre Company in New York City before moving to Los Angeles and immersing himself in the world of film. In L.A. Lazard learned by doing, working as assistant director on Speechless, Species and Two Days in the Valley. He then produced and directed two short films, as well as a black-and-white documentary on Lionel Richie and a rock concert film on the group Los Tigres Del Norte. He has also produced and directed numerous music videos. Lazard’s breath of experience is apparent in Stanley’s Gig; Lazard deftly underscores the character’s emotional nuances and confidently balances the film’s tonal shifts.

Stanley’s Gig features an exceptional cast including: William Sanderson (Blade Runner, The Client, and Larry on the sitcom Newhart) as awkward, well intentioned Stanley; Marla Gibbs (The Jeffersons, The Hughleys, Martial Law) as Eleanor; Oscar-winner Faye Dunaway as Stanley’s supportive friend Leila; and Steven Tobolowski (Groundhog Day, Thelma and Louise) as retirement home director Abe Cohen.


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