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90 min. Thriller

Official Selection- Sundance Film Festival

Writers: Samara Golden, Patrick Jolley & Reynold Reynolds   Directors: Patrick Jolley & Reynold Reynolds

Cast: Samara Golden

When a woman rents a miserably tiny room, she finds mountains of belongings from the previous tenant, "Anthony," as well as messages on the machine from the landlord, his mother, and a calm, threatening Irishman. As she cleans up the place, she begins to experience uncanny visions, nightmares, and the feeling that Anthony is much closer than she imagined.


“An extremely unsettling vision of private terrors by filmmaking collaborators Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley and Samara Golden. Plays like a fever nightmare of any New Yorker who's lived in a one-room living box. Pic is a triumph of lower-than-low budget filmmaking, with mainly one thesp (Golden in an outrageously demanding performance that indicates a commitment above and beyond the call of duty), one extremely messy room (with a spooky thick-glass window looking out onto a crowded Manhattan street) and a complex visual and aural design involving camerawork that appears to crawl under the skin and Bruce Odland's and Sam Auinger's stunning sound design.” Variety

“Formally stunning and compositionally complex, Sugar, Reynold Reynolds's and Patrick Jolley's first feature, is a striking postnarrative, Gothic horror masterpiece.” Ain’t it Cool News


Official Selection- Sundance Film Festival
Official Selection- New York Underground Film Festival



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