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Company Profile

CUT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (CEG), founded in 2003 by Jeffrey Cooper, specializes in the production, distribution, and sales representation of feature films. For two decades Mr. Cooper has worked in development, production, sales, and distribution for several prominent motion picture companies including Concorde/New Horizon, Kopelson Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment. Since finding his niche in film distribution, Mr. Cooper has been responsible for the global sales of over 100 feature films. CEG commenced as an underdog in film distribution and has no doubt thrived as a successful, integrity driven and producer friendly company.

With an international buyers list that includes motion picture studios, mini-major distribution companies, independent distributors, CEG has more than proven it can compete with larger and longer existing agencies. CEG not only represents films owned by independent filmmakers but has also been subcontracted by numerous distribution companies and attorneys to represent their films as well. The track record of CEG speaks volumes as titles feature the talent ranging from Gary Oldman, Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, Rufus Sewell, Julian Sands, James Cromwell, AJ Cook, Josh Stewart, Shawn Hatosy, and Alexa Vega to name a few.

What makes CEG so desirable is their eclectic library and its determined staff that gives producers the full attention they deserve. CEG is always accessible and always attentive. Once representing a film CEG immediately forwards the picture to potential buyers. CEG negotiates quickly, intensely, and successfully. Furthermore, a pivotal aspect of the CEG strategy is the realization that licensing a picture is only half the battle. Marketing and creating awareness, among the most mysterious and misunderstood aspects of the film industry, is a momentous challenge. As most distributors provide only limited access to marketing outreach, CEG is proud to offer producers the ability to partner with an elite public relations firm specializing in securing film reviews, cast and crew interview securement, and trailer/clip placement, among many other services that deliver soaring results. In maximizing revenue, CEG recognizes that the importance of a robust marketing campaign can never be overstated.

The inception of CEG came about through Mr. Cooper's own horror short CUT. Hailed by horror legend Wes Craven as "a truly shocking short horror film, " CUT premiered in 2003 on the Syfy Channel and has since sold on DVD/Video in the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and The Netherlands as a bonus alongside many horror/thriller features, including John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MEYERS. Thus, CEG was born as it began representing features.

Click here to view clip of CUT, hosted by Wes Craven (as seen on Syfy Channel)

In addition, Mr. Cooper is an adjunct professor, having developed and taught graduate / undergraduate film distribution courses at Chapman University Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, Woodbury University School of Media, Culture & Design, New York Film Academy (Universal Studios), Academy of Art University (San Francisco) and Boston University. He has also guest-lectured for the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, Columbia College Hollywood, National University, Art Institute of Portland, Art Institute of Washington and, most recently, served as a guest on ‘Studio A’, a 30 minute film colloquium television special at George Mason University (GMU).

Click here to view 'Studio A' interview at GMU

CEG understands the hesitations and fears filmmakers experience in their quest to find the right representation for their blood, sweat and tears. For this, CEG's contractual terms are truly unique..

  • CEG guarantees sales within sixty days and only asks for that time window of exclusivity to represent a film. In that time, if CEG is unable to sell the picture, all rights revert back to the producer at no expense, no questions asked.
  • CEG asks for no up-front monies from its producers, only collecting their commission upon sale completion.
  • CEG provides full disclosure to its producers before any deal is agreed upon and each producer is kept consistently appraised with the goings-on with their picture.
  • CEG guarantees advances on every deal.
  • CEG guarantees payment to producers within two weeks of monies collected.
  • CEG provides producers a finders fee on any sales that result from referred titles or distributors.

At CEG our success secret is simple; we respect our artists and we get the job done!

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